The No-Hub Coupling has a patented shield design that provides maximum transfer of pressure from the clamps to the gasket and pipe. Engineered to connect no-hub cast iron pipe in applications, replacing the less-efficient hub and spigot. Patented bi-directional shield design, specially beaded gasket, interlocking clamp design, and floating eyelet design.

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Product Details

Includes: (2) Clamps and Neoprene Gasket
Material: PVC
Operating Temperature: 140
Pressure Rating: 4.3


  • Connects No-Hub cast iron pipe
  • Unique beaded neoprene gasket grips with great holding and sealing power
  • Floating eyelet design
  • The clamps feature a one-piece screw housing that mechanically interlocks to the band
  • 5/16 in hex head screw applies 60 in-lb of installation torque to the band and shield assembly
  • AISI 304 stainless steel shield
  • AISI stainless steel clamps and screw housing


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